Delaware Center for Educational Technology

Virtual Office



DCET/DOE supports online collaboration through the use of Web conferencing (virtual meeting, Webinar) software called Blackboard Collaborate.
The service enables Delaware educators from across the state to hold cost-effective, interactive meetings, conferences, special events, and instruction through a web browser using Java.

First Time Users: You must download and install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher file in order to participate in a webinar or to view a recorded webinar.
Please go to the following web site for instructions:

NOTE: You may not have the administrative rights to install software if you are using a school-based computer, so you may have to contact your IT department for assistance.

Session Participants : You have reached the Virtual Office for the Delaware Center for Educational Techology Workgroup.
Please click the link below if you have previously configured your system (installed the Collaborate Launcher) to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate Session.


Click Here to Join the Session