Welcome to the History of Christiana, Delaware
A  National Historic District Established in 1684





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The town of Christiana got started when the John Ogle  (a British soldier who owned property in Christiana) property was divided.  The property was sold to people who then built houses, businesses, meat shops and a lot more.  The town of Christiana was almost the nation’s capital because many famous people stayed here at the time of the Revolutionary War.  Christiana is located on Ye Olde Kings Road; which was one of the first major inland routes in the colonies between Baltimore, MD in the South, and Philadelphia, PA, in the North. A lot of famous people crossed this road. Revolutionary War Troops marched from Christiana to get to the Battle of Cooches Bridge.  This battle is Delaware’s only Revolutionary War battle(Septmeber 3, 1777).  Ye Olde Kings Road became less important over the years due to the building of railroads and canals. These trains and waterways could go far, and were faster then horses and wagons.  For this reason, Christiana became less important.  The Town of Christiana is now on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Christiana Bridge over Ye Olde Kings Road is pictured in its current condition. 


Christiana Bridge
Boom, Boom, Boom.  Here come the troops marching over the Christiana Bridge. This bridge is on Olde Kings Road right at the top of the Christiana Creek.  General Lafayette of France landed on this bridge with some of his American troops during The Revolutionary War and marched the troops  across the bridge. The Christiana Bridge is best remembered for its military associations, but it was also a popular shipping port. They had to replace the wooden bridge in 1812.  It was changed into a steel bridge. Then they built the current bridge in 1937. Many people ride with their cars across this historic bridge everyday.


Members of a Revolutionary War Reenactment group stand on the Christiana Bridge. 

Christiana, Delaware is an historic treasure with a proud past; and, a bright future!
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