Welcome to the Historic Churches in Christiana, Delaware
A  National Historic District Established in 1684





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The Christiana Methodist Church
This is the Methodist Church now.  Can you believe how new it looks when it was built so long ago?  To read the historical marker in front of the Methodist Church, click here. 

The Mount Pleasant Church
The Mount Pleasant Church was a great church.  It was for black people and Korean people.

Hallelujah! The Christiana Methodist Church  was built in 1857. The cost of this church was 4,000 dollars. Thatís a lot!  Before the church was 
a society of Methodists organized. They would have 
meetings that were held at their houses. Some Civil war soldiers were buried in the graveyard next to the church, .  It was originally called "Salem Meeting House. Are you interested in the Christiana Methodist Church?

 Thank you Jesus! Can you believe the Mount Pleasant Church was built in the early 20th century? During that time segregation was still in place. This was a black church at that time..  World War I soldiers were buried here at The Mount Pleasant Church. It is now a Korean Church. 

The Christiana Presbyterian Church
This church started out with a 26X36 foot frame and has grown to 36X56 feet.  It can hold 260 people.
UAME Church
This is a black church that was built in 1897. It is still standing today.

Praise the Lord! This gothic style church known as the Christiana Presbyterian Church, was organized in 1732.  A 26X36 building was made in 1738.  The church was held for auction on July 4th, 1857. It was sold for 4,938 dollars.   The present building, pictured above was built in 1857, too.  Colonel John Read and his wife are buried in the graveyard at the Christiana Presbyterian Church.  The Colonel and his wife are the parents of George Read who signed the Declaration of  Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Stop by the Presbyterian Church anytime!!!

This old church was built in 1897. Also, like The Mount Pleasant church, it was a black church too. UAME  stands for United African  Methodist Episcopal. Now that youíve read about all the churches, why donít you stop by?  Use the map to find your way! 

Christiana, Delaware is an historic treasure with a proud past; and, a bright future!
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