8 Large Murals Found In John Bassett Moore School

In February of 2000, a referendum was approved to supply the Smyrna School District with money to fund the renovation of all the school districts buildings and to build the middle school. The new middle school was completed in 2002 with students moving in on September 30, 2002, leaving the old John Bassett Moore (JBM) School empty for massive renovations.

Eight large murals were located in JBM School and needed to be removed for safe keeping. These murals were painted by Brandywine River School artists Walter Pyle, Jr., Stafford Good, and Edward Grant under the 1930's national WPA program. They were remembered hanging in the library and the auditorium by hundreds of Smyrna alumni as part of their childhood. An interview with Andrew Wyeth indicated the importance of the artists represented by these works as younger members of the Howard Pyle heritage. They are excellent examples of 1930's Delaware regionalist paintings.

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