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Delaware Center For Educational Technology

Partners in Technology

State Agencies

Delaware has specific procedures for the disposal of state assets, and computer equipment is treated differently than other assets identified for disposal. In short, the Partners in Technology Program has the first right of refusal for all state owned computer equipment that is declared to be in excess of the agency's needs. This unique treatment exists because Delaware is committed to enhancing the educational development of its students through the use of technology in the classroom.

Title 29 §7002 of the Delaware Code addresses Public Auction and/or disposal of state-owned property. The following is an excerpt from that section. The portion that specifically addresses the disposition of computer equipment is italicized.

(a) All equipment, supplies, and material, including vehicles, purchased in whole or in part with state-appropriated funds shall be considered as assets of the State and not of the state agency which holds or uses the material. When material so held or used is determined by a state agency to be in excess of its needs, it shall be reported by memorandum to the Department of Administrative Services, Division of Support Services for appropriate reallocation or disposal.

(b) When the division of Support Services determines that the materiel, with the exception of vehicles and computer equipment, so reported by the agency has additional useful life, the Division of Support Services shall give 2 weeks written notice to State agencies, volunteer ambulance services, volunteer rescue services and volunteer fire departments of the availability of such materiel. Requests for such materiel shall be submitted in writing to the Division of Support Services. In the event 2 or more agencies request the same materiel, the Division shall make the appropriate determination as to allocation. Vehicles can be made available to agencies at fair market value as determined by the Division. Whenever any computers, computer equipment or software are deemed surplus, obsolete or no longer suitable for the purpose for which they were intended, the Division of Support Services shall offer to the Department of Education's Partners in Technology Group those assets prior to disposal or disposition to any other group or agency. Upon acceptance, the Partners in Technology Group will pick up the computer equipment from the holding agency at no charge. The Division of Support Services shall dispose of the computer equipment refused by the Partners in Technology Group following the procedures established in subsection (c) of this section.

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