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Delaware Center For Educational Technology


All Things GPS

Basic Concepts

Global Positioning System (GPS)- Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology that uses the position of satellites to determine locations on earth. GPS is an essential tool for GIS because it allows for the gathering of data that locationwise is highly accurate.

Definitions from the GIS Lounge.

Geographic Information System (GIS)- In the strictest sense, a GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information, i.e. data identified according to their locations. Practitioners also regard the total GIS as including operating personnel and the data that go into the system. The components of a GIS are hardware, software, and data.

GPS Devices

The GPS Store Whether it's Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance or DeLorne - you will find it at this site. They specialize in handheld GPS.
Garmin Garmin is a leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Go to the home page and click the About GPS link on the left for a good overview of GPS You can also download a free GPS Guide for Beginners and a free Using a Garmin GPS with Paper Maps manual that includes a Garmin GPS selection guide.
Trimble Trimble is a leading innovator of GPS technology. Check out the GPS tutorial by clicking on About GPS Technology on the home page.


Delaware Department of Education

Preston Shockley
Education Associate
Social Studies


Delaware Geographic Data Committee (DGDC)

Mike Mahaffie
Spatial Data Coordinator
Phone: (302) 739-3090
Fax: (302) 739-6958

The Delaware Geographic Data Committee is a cooperative effort among state agencies, the University of Delaware, county and municipal governments, and others to build a Delaware GIS community and improve the coordination of the use of GIS and spatial data in Delaware.
Delaware Geographic Alliance

Maggie Legates
University of Delaware
Phone: (302) 831-6783

Founded in 1988, the Alliance is an active organization of teachers, college geographers, administrators, and others interested in strengthening geography learning in Delaware's classrooms. The Alliance seeks to promote geographic education in our state's schools and college curriculum.
Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination

Mike Mahaffie
Spatial Data Coordinator
Phone: (302) 739-3090

The mission of this office is the continuous improvement of the coordination and effectiveness of land use decisions made by state, county, and municipal governments while building and maintaining a high quality of life in the State of Delaware.
GIS/GPS Consultant
Wilson, Jacqui
Phone: 302-653-4455
Jacqui has an extensive GIS background teaching both her middle school students and her peers. She co-directed two Using Technology in Geography institutes for teachers and has presented numerous workshops and trainings throughout the state. She monitored two student groups' participation in the ESRI Community Atlas project. She partnered with an English teacher to create a project called "Main Street" where students analyzed and mapped changes in land use in downtown Smyrna. Her GPS experience includes ground truthing landsat images for the Chesapeake Bay from space. She has recently retired from teaching.
Instructional Technology Users Group of DE
Wendy Modzelewski
Delaware Center for Educational Technology (DCET)
Phone: 302.655.6878


General GIS Information
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc Visit the Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. website for all things GIS. ESRI will let you download FREE information or send you a FREE packet of information including software, posters, information booklets when you complete their form.
Geodata is a web-based portal for one-stop access to maps, data and other geospatial services.
GIS Lounge From the home page, click on Learning GIS and then K-12 Education. This will take you to a collection of references and tutorials on how to teach GIS to K-12 level students. You will also find lesson plans and user groups. is your learning guide to GIS and a place for professionals to find useful resources.

  • Interactive Mapping

  • The Delaware Data Mapping and Integration Laboratory (DataMIL) is an interactive mapping site. It also provides addresses for locating data.

  • This is the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control's interactive website called Delaware Environmental Navigator (DEN). Use DEN to explore the many types of information collected by DNREC such as permitted facilities, enforcement actions and environmental monitoring.

  • The Delaware Department of Agriculture Map Server provides a central location to access on-line maps & reports for the Department of Agriculture & the various sections within the department.

  • Click on Underground and Above Ground Tanks. Click on Map and Navigate USTs in your area. This site is the Environmental Information System (EIS) for the Underground Storage Tank Branch of the Division of Air and Waste Management. The EIS is an online Geographic Information System (GIS) that provides access to environmentally related information for the State of Delaware.

  • Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Superfund Site Locater

  • Access a world of information! Use the Geography Network Explorer or Featured Services to find dynamic data and maps.

  • MarcoPolo is a non-profit consortium of eight of the nation's premier education ogranizations. Their web site is a gateway to free content in each curricular area including teacher resources and student materials that are classroom-ready, grade-specific, and standards-based.

  • Click on Click Here to Make Maps. This mapping application is really fun. It's very easy to use and it has lots of fun data. Remember to always REDRAW after you select different layers to display. Click Map Key to show the legend.


  • The National Geographic Society, the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organization, maintains this website. There are sections for kids, parents, students, and teachers, and a terric mapmaking machine where you can customize and print the map that fits your needs.

  • U.S. Geological Survey - Federal source for science about the Earth, its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment.
    Map-It - Enter a longitude and latitude and create a map. This is lots of fun!

Delaware Department of Transportation Delaware street files are available for download.
Delaware Office of State Planning This website provides links to lots of Delaware data available free to download.

Delaware Spatial Data Clearinghouse The Delaware Spatial Data Clearinghouse supports the coordination efforts of the Delaware Geographic Data Committee (DGDC) and the State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC). Data and documentation (metadata) have been contributed primarily by State and local government agencies.
Directions Magazine This site makes converting from decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, seconds a snap!
The Geography Network Access a world of information! Data are available to download and also resources are listed for finding data to purchase on CD or DVD.
U.S. Census Bureau Find all things demographic. Download data.

Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint Simply put, geocaching is treasure hunting for the 21st century. Armed with a GPS receiver, a set of coordinates that tell you the location of a cache, and a healthy sense of adventure, players go out and look for caches of goodies
Geocaching A GPS device and a hunger for adventure are all you need for high tech treasure hunting. Look on this site to find the latest caches in your area, how to hide your own cache, and information on how to get started in this fun and exciting sport.

Classroom Ideas
Community Atlas

ESRI's U.S. Community Atlas is a project in which teachers and students across the country define the nature of "their community" and post descriptions and maps about it. K-12 schools submitting a complete and approved entry will receive GIS software from ESRI. Projects may be submitted and software earned between September 3, 2003 and May 21, 2004.

Community Mapping Program The Community Mapping Program supports youth, educators and community partners in a process of discovery and learning. Together they tackle authentic issues using hands-on resources and technology, including geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS), to actively investigate social, economic and ecological systems, identify and solve local problems and develop enduring connections.
History of GPS The Global Positioning System: the Role of Atomic Clocks
Education World

Various resources are provided from an educational focus.
Gateway to Educational Materials Various resources are provided from an educational focus.

U.S. Geological Survey: The Learning Web The Learning Web, part of the USGS Web site, is dedicated to K-12 education and lifelong learning. Explore things on, in, around and about the Earth, such as land, water, plants, animals, and maps.

Field Trips
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum Washington, DC GPS: A New Constellation. A Planetarium show "And a Star To Steer Her By" and the companion exhibition "GPS: A New Constellation"


Age Level
Geography for Fun Projects
AUTHOR: Pam Robson
ISBN #: 0-7613-3279-5
OVERVIEW: This book about geography provides hands-on experiments and activities on seas, mountains, ecosystems and much more.
Mapping Penny's World

AUTHOR: Loreen Leedy
ISBN #: 0-8050-7262-4
OVERVIEW: After learning about maps in school, Lisa maps all the favorite places of her dog, Penn

Me on the Map

AUTHOR: Joan Sweeney
ISBN #: 0-517-88557-3
OVERVIEW: A child describes how her room, her house, her town, her state, and her country become part of a map of her world

My Map Book

AUTHOR: Sara Fanelli
ISBN #: 0-06-026455-1
OVERVIEW: A collection of maps; provides views of the owner's bedroom, school, playground, and other realms farther away

The Complete Book of Maps & Geography
AUTHOR: McGraw-Hill Children's Publishing
ISBN #: 1-56189-503-2
OVERVIEW: This book takes students step by step through lessons and activities which help them develop important map and geography skills.
The Scrambled States of America

AUTHOR: Laurie Keller
ISBN #: 0-8050-6831-7
OVERVIEW: The states become bored with their positions on the map and decide to change places for a while.

There's a Map on My Lap

AUTHOR: Tish Rabe
ISBN #: 0-375-81099-4
OVERVIEW: The Cat in the Hat teaches Dick and Sally about cartography and the uses of different kinds of maps

Where Do I Live?

AUTHOR: Neil Chesanow
ISBN #: 0-8120-9241-4
OVERVIEW: Ingram - Part of being a child is wondering. This charming book uses easy words and color illustrations to explain to children exactly where they live. Crenshaw starts with a child's room, in his or her home, neighborhood, town, state, and county--then moves out to the planet Earth, the solar system, and the Milky Way. From there, children trace their way home again.

Land masses : fun, facts, and activities

AUTHOR: Caroline Arnold
ISBN: 0531048977
OVERVIEW:An introduction to the fundamentals of geography with emphasis on the characteristics of the different kinds of land masses found on this earth. Includes instructions for related projects and activities.

Kids learn America! : bringing geography to life with people, places & history
7 to 12
AUTHORS::Patricia Gordon & Reed C. Snow ;
ISBN: 0913589586 :
OVERVIEW: Surveys the geography, history, and culture of the states and territories of the United States.
A First dictionary of cultural literacy : what our children need to know
Young Adult

Editor: E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
ISBN: 0395510406
OVERVIEW: Presents an outline of the knowledge that, according to the Cultural Literacy Foundation, should be acquired by the end of sixth grade, in such categories as literature, religion and philosophy, history, geography, mathematics, science, and technology.

The book of where, or, How to be naturally geographic
Young Adult

AUTHOR: Neill Bell
ISBN: 0316088307 : 0316088315 (pbk.)
OVERVIEW: Text, illustrations, and suggested activities outline such basic concepts of geography as scale, maps, the globe, continental plates, and oceans.

12 and up
AUTHOR: Susan Mondshein Tejada
ISBN: 0870446622 : 0870446576 (pbk.)
OVERVIEW: Text and pictures present startling and fascinating geographical, geological, and cultural facts from around the world.
GeoCaching: Hiding,Hiking and High-Tech

12 and up

AUTHOR: Erik Sherman
ISBN: 1590591224
OVERVIEW: a guide to the relatively new, and exponentially growing, activity of geocaching. It is a treasure hunting game using handheld GPS (global positioning system) receivers that is now played world-wide. Although invented in May of 2000, there are already hundreds of thousands of people who participate, and that number continues to rapidly grow.

Lesson Ideas

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