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Delaware Center For Educational Technology

Filtering of Web Content on the Delaware Education Network


The Delaware Education Network has filtering software at the core of the network so all Internet requests are run through the filter. The filtering software used is SmartFilter. This software blocks students, faculty, and staff from accessing inappropriate material, such as, sexually explicit material that provides no educational value. SmartFilter uses a category method of blocking. There are 27 categories for identifying Web sites: alternative journal; art, culture; chat gateway; criminal skills; cults; dating; drugs; entertainment; extreme; gambling; games and fun; general news; hate speech; humor; investing; job search; lifestyle; non-essential.; on-line sales; personal pages; politic, opinion, religion; self help; sex; sports; travel; usenet news access; and worthless. The Office of Information Services with input from the Department of Education, the District Chiefs, and the Delaware Center for Educational Technology have selected six categories to block. The blocked categories are: criminal skills; cult; drugs; extreme; hate speech; and sex. The lists of sites that are blocked are updated twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Occasionally, although rarely, this may result in blocking access to an educationally legitimate site. To access a site that is blocked, any teacher may request that the site be removed from the list. The Office of Information Services will generally process such a request within the week requested. In addition, the filter is not foolproof. With new Internet sites added across the world, every day, it is entirely possible that a student or teacher will discover a site that should be blocked but isn't. Likewise, a request to the Office of Information Services will result in blocking these inappropriate sites, if the site falls into a category that is blocked. All requests should be sent to Include: your name, title, where you work, the URL of the site, and why you need the site to be blocked or unblocked.

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Last Updated: Friday, 14-Mar-2014 12:52:37 EDT
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